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United Fire Systems works in overhauling clients that oversee profoundly complex structures with both fire alert and sprinkler frameworks too clients who oversee high esteem structures with high esteem resources. Coherence of building operations is basic for our customers and that is the reason when clients work with Harding Fire, they know their building is sheltered and secure, and fire assurance is one less thing for them to stress over. We are our clients' familiar object, we are accomplices with our clients and we keep our clients in consistence and do the contact, when required, with the fire office and insurance agencies. Thus, numerous clients have been with us for more than 10 years, with a few clients joining forces with us for more than years...

We get it. You want a worry free fire protection program from someone you can trust. That’s why we created the Cintas Fire Protection Value Inspection Program; a program that provides complete compliance along with extraordinary benefits… all backed by our exclusive guarantee.

Locations in your local economy, servicing your neighbors. We are staffed for 24-hour emergency support For any reason we will take over communication and interaction with the Fire Office on your behalf You are assigned a certified repair specialist when any of your devices are deficient or in need of correction. Our repair turnaround time is much faster than the industry average

Technicians use portable Device to keep records of your equipment in a central database so that no equipment is missed during inspection Service reminder cards and emails so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to schedule an inspection On-the-spot, printed invoices and inspection reports as well as electronic copies Customer awareness report that details your entire fire protection system, devices and any recommended preventative maintenance we noted, even if we weren’t inspecting that equipment formally Increased efficiency and reduced risk of extinguisher failure through our Even Exchange program

At United Fire Systems, we are so confident in the services that we provide that we offer a Compliance Guarantee. This guarantee reflects the commitment that UFSC has made to providing perfect service to its customers. Trust UFS for your fire protection needs. If after we inspect your devices and the Fire Officer determines you are out of compliance, we will:
1. Re-inspect the device(s) within 48 hours
2. Credit your account the original value of the inspection
3. Perform a walk-through with the Fire officer


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